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I'm glad I got to catch this going through the portal. Been years since I see any of your cartoons - germaine is looking.. obese ? lol what happened there ?..least her boobs are bigger

The cartoon was funny, as always. Nothing I could say to improve it other then the lip syncing, it seemed really off for some reason ? all and all it was as great as I remembered these to be. The art work was nicely done, funny and a little bit of nostalgia.
Glad you decided to upload to NG again and glad I just so happened to catch it going through 5/5 - 9/10


Keep submitting dude!


I understand this is suppose to be a parody making fun of how shit windows vista is - unfortunately you missed any notable flaws and A; pointed out that you have a slow computer (not vistas fault) and B; you don't know how to change your computer settings (you can change it so applications open with one click, wow ?)

Me personally I have no affiliation with any OS, it's all just preference you know ? OMG MACS ARE TEH BEST is just some nerds opinion, seems like you got caught up in that kind of hype since you didn't point out any real flaws with vista, like the annoying ass "administrative rights" pop up that plagues you every time you browse around your folders, like you need to verify your the owner of your computer 20 times in 5 minutes -

Things you could improve

- add some thought out content on what actually sucks about vista, browse a tech forum for 2 mins and I'm sure you'll find 10000 you could use that are funnier
- the art could use a lot of work, try cropping the actual desktop icons and use those instead, or just put more effort into the drawings if you're trying to make fun of them still
- at the end it got really weird and confusing with the bomb blowing up the town ?

Anyways, these types of flash usually pass if there's a decent amount of effort put into them, there's almost always enough people willing to up vote a video just to hate on something, OSs especially

g'luck in the future and keep submitting

Flashmaker2010 responds:

Thank you for your tips.


I gave it a one for the drawing during the pre-loader
I assume this is some sort of mistake cause I seen this one yesterday with the same prob
clicked play: got a big red triangle and nothing else

I hope that triangle wasnt so graphic intensive it took up the whole 8mb lol
I was lookin forward to seeing what this was after I seen how many of your flashes made it through
Ill watch for the real version =]

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The fact that you got people all worked up over something so simple is a lot funnier then the flash itself.
I seen a submission with a movie clip of a girl throwing puppies into a lake make it through not too long ago. People weren't even this upset.

Anyways. Not a bad piece of spam. Maybe more options to kill the citty ? I think people would've enjoyed that more, or not ? More detail in the death, try to make it more gruesome. You'll get twice as many hateful reviews, probably, but the quality of the flash will be improved.

There's my helpful review. I'd give more constructive criticism but I think you were aiming for turd. So nice work getting people worked up dude.

Keep submitting and ect.

(8/10 for it's epic success)

Pickilow responds:



For a 72 hours project this game is awesome.
Simple, fun, easy but not too easy. Was a little short but you guys had time restrictions I know.
Kept me busy for a good 20 minutes, didn't get frustrated like most of these strategy item type games, I like it.
5/5 10/10 I rated it based off of the work done in the amount of time, which was a hell of a lot considering what most people slap together in 3 days on NG.
Only thing I'd say to improve which wouldn't have hurt your time is the sensitivity of the "space" popping up on the screen, sometimes I'd stand right infront of the item and it wouldn't pop up, but back up a few ft (inches on screen) and it'd show up.

Other then that great game

Keep submitting =]

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks for the review :) I like this type of review, not only highscore also show that really like it :)
Thanks a lot and probably will be a sequel :)
Again Thanks :)

was lolworthy

People are being way to harsh on this. Overall you did a damn good job, the theme was cool, the characters, clean voice acting, and fun game play. Not to mention the part in the school was a nice twist on a NG classic, you through in an intro video, ending video. how someone could have rated this a two compared to a lot of stuff on here is judging it on something other then it's quality or only watched the preloader..
and it was your first attempt at a serious flash, nice job man

After playing it all the way through there were some things you could have worked on.
on the second boss the game play was really bugged, the character wouldn't turn facing the boss sometimes and you have to jump outta it, didn't happen with the 3rd boss
the graphics were done really well in some areas, but then in other important areas you decided to go the easy route. like on the last boss, it looks like you put more work into he bg then the boss itself, and the main character walking through the map was poorly detailed compared to say the end video that looked really clean, it's important to put a lot of detail in the focal points and less in the bg if you wanna take shortcuts

other then being a little rough around the edges, which is expected for a first serious attempt at a flash game, this was a great game.

nice work man

YoinK responds:

thank you sir. I know i'm not the greatest at graphics. I wanted to detail the python boss fight background more... but the game kept freezing on me when I saved it. The file size is just so massive.. that any kind of changes would take forever..... um as far as glitches.. i wish i knew what they were.. the game doesn't seem glitchy on my computer.

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If you're going to steal other people's art a; don't steal it from a big japanese corporation like beyblades and b; be smart enough to crop their website logo/address out of the picture.
Oh and nice job reviewing your own submission with an alt account

Normally I always leave useful reviews, so I'll give you some advice for improvement...next time make it yourself

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